Monday, October 27, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

home and stitching

hey, hey! 

a little less travel and more time at home these days. we are still working on multiple, but small reno projects at this house. everything is just terribly time-consuming. even though the girls are older, we are still active in their lives as well. it's different and better and exciting with news soon! balancing those days with assisting aging parents, and there are fewer chances for projects to reach completion in a timely manner.

however, i managed to pull something together. this is the white wool gifted to me by a friend. lib has begun an stitching project with it, and is so happy with how her crewel yarn looks on it. i thought i'd give it a try with some embroidery. 

red and white seem to have taken over in the family room decor, so i went for it.

i found the idea here. i love this book. i didn't follow the pattern exactly and had fun just going with a free-form feel. but, it's a great guide for projects and ideas. 

i see now i should have pressed the wool a bit better. oh well.  over time it will relax. i'm not one to get too hung up over that. 

yesterday i found a thirty-five dollar 1956 singer sewing machine model 99, with case. an old style address label was stuck to the case, and there was info of the business who had serviced the machine. i'm guessing it was one owner, because it is so well taken care of. i used it this morning on a small item and it purred. the belt is relatively new with no sign of dry rot, and oil was recent. i love how small and portable it is. 

a sweater for lib is in the works. it's from this spinner. i can't seem to locate her pattern on ravelry. she is local and pretty small. it's called tidal autumn tee and uses a fingering weight. when i don't want to knit there is more stitching on that wool! more to come!

Monday, March 17, 2014

wool and cotton. literally.

 webs was having a sale a while back. i picked up some cascade 128, bulky. and then decided on this pattern.
 so far, so good. a simple and quick project. i do have an ever so slight concern about size, and am hoping when i block it it will relax a bit in width.

and, then there is this:

a growing inventory of tops, tunics, totes, skirts, scarves and a dress or two, to be found locally, only at simplify this summer. 
i'll admit, i've been loving my snow and thinking summer at the same time! 
more to come!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

playing with color

a pair of mitts sent off for a valentines gift. oh boy.

pretty wonky, but based loosely on a pair libby and i saw in a catalog back in december.

i made the wrist portion longer and then folded it inside so rings and fingers wouldn't get caught on floated yarn. 

she says she likes them. (she's a good daughter) 

i think it's a good thing i enclosed chocolate in her package!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

snow day pullover

 photographs - a l brundage
candide pullover and last monday's snow day.
quince yarn, osprey. 

same pattern as my candide sweaters, i just made a long pullover version with this yarn that was originally set aside for two scarves. i changed my mind, as i often do. i like the osprey yarn, though it's pretty squishy.  this is definitely a cozy piece; soft and comfortable.  
not yet posted on ravelry as today's internet is painfully slow. hope to have it there in a day or two.

more snow today, and i hear another storm late in the weekend. 
not too surprised, it's winter. xo