Wednesday, February 5, 2014

snow day pullover

 photographs - a l brundage
candide pullover and last monday's snow day.
quince yarn, osprey. 

same pattern as my candide sweaters, i just made a long pullover version with this yarn that was originally set aside for two scarves. i changed my mind, as i often do. i like the osprey yarn, though it's pretty squishy.  this is definitely a cozy piece; soft and comfortable.  
not yet posted on ravelry as today's internet is painfully slow. hope to have it there in a day or two.

more snow today, and i hear another storm late in the weekend. 
not too surprised, it's winter. xo


  1. Please tell me you didn't knit this in one day? I have no concept! But it is BEAUTIFUL and you look amazing in it, Sarah!

  2. Wonderful. Great, great color combination and your photos are perfect!

  3. You're beautiful. The sweater is beautiful, the colour combo is yummy. The snow is beautiful. It's all beautiful. Sarah, you are so talented!

  4. Do you have a pattern source? It is lovely.