Monday, March 17, 2014

wool and cotton. literally.

 webs was having a sale a while back. i picked up some cascade 128, bulky. and then decided on this pattern.
 so far, so good. a simple and quick project. i do have an ever so slight concern about size, and am hoping when i block it it will relax a bit in width.

and, then there is this:

a growing inventory of tops, tunics, totes, skirts, scarves and a dress or two, to be found locally, only at simplify this summer. 
i'll admit, i've been loving my snow and thinking summer at the same time! 
more to come!


  1. I love WEBs I got some Noro on their close out sales. Noro expensive to buy in Australia.
    I also got some cascade too!
    I love the colour that your using.

  2. I've been dreaming about sunnier days too. This all looks lovely.

  3. Those tops look perfect for a Palm Springs trip I'm planning...